Maine Earth First!

Plum Creek

The largest piece of undeveloped land east of the Mississippi is under
attack. Plum Creek, the nation’s largest corporate landowner, is in the
process of rezoning 20,000 acres of the Moosehead Lake region in Maine for
luxury house and resorts, while trying to balance it off with a fraudulent
conservation easement plan. This plan would still allow timber harvesting,
commercial water extraction and the building of new infrastructure, among
many other ecologically devastating practices. Right now they are cutting
beautifully diverse late succession forests in Indian Stream Township,
which is within the proposed conservation easement boundaries, at a
horrific rate. Winter deer yards, 180-year-old white pines, lungwort lichen and
the critters who make their homes here are in imminent danger. Below you will find news stories, information & history of Plum Creek in Maine.

PC Destroys Winter Deer Yards
Who Owns Maine?
Plum Creek Fact Sheet Note: Contact Info Outdated

MPBN Story February 12, 2009
MPBN Story February 9, 2009
WERU Stories January 2009




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